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“If you’ve been suffering from bloating, gas, food allergies, rashes, depression, moodiness, severe PMS, cravings for sugar, chocolate or bread, and believe that you may have candida…here is”

“A Revolutionary 3-Step Nutrition Program For Complete Candida Recovery”

From Liana Shanti, Nutrition Expert, Member of National Association of Nutrition Professionals, Member of American Association of Nutritional Consultants and Educator at Health Mastery Institute
If you’ve landed on this page, you are probably here for one of two reasons. You were either recently diagnosed as having Candida and you are looking for help, or you aren’t quite sure if you have Candida, and you found my page after researching your symptoms.

If you have been wondering why you may be prone to yeast infections, rashes, digestive issues, depression, food allergies, PMS or anxiety, the information I am about to share with you may be the “aha moment” you’ve been searching for to help uncover the true underlying cause of many of your health concerns.


Because I am going to share with you how Candida can wreak havoc on your life.

When Candida enters your body, it often starts out in your digestive tract. As the fungal organism grows, it produces a chemical  (acetaldehyde) that causes damage to certain parts of your digestive system, creating microscopic holes in your small intestine through which Candida passes into your body. These microscopic holes contribute to various digestive issues such as food allergies and leaky gut syndrome.

As Candida makes its way through your body, it creates a systemic overgrowth. Once the Candida moves into your bloodstream, it can multiply in your organs, your circulation, and even in and around the brain. Basically, any area that is considered a weak area in your body. The actual symptoms you will experience depend totally on where the candida decides to take up residence in your body.

Candida does not require oxygen to survive, and therefore has many places to hide in your body, and makes it difficult for your immune system to deal with it. The longer the candida goes unchecked, the more problems begin to occur.

Hi. I’m Liana Shanti, Clinical Nutritionist and Health Mastery Institute Wellness Educator.  I know first hand, as a former candida sufferer myself, and as a Clinical Nutritionist with clients all over the world who suffer from candida, that Candida can rob you of your quality of life. It is one of those insidious conditions that is often undiagnosed, under-treated and left unchecked. In many cases, for decades.

You’re Not Alone. Millions of Women Suffer For Years Before Getting Help.

Most of the women I work with have been to different doctors, only to hear that there is “nothing wrong with them”. Unfortunately, many health practitioners completely overlook the possibility of a candida overgrowth. Yet, millions of women suffer from this condition, which can range from mild to delbilitating.

I have found that most women I work with fall into one of Two categories:
1) They have no idea they have candida, and may have been to different doctors only to hear that there is “nothing wrong with them”. Sadly, candida is often overlooked, and many women continue to suffer with symptoms that can range from mild to severe.

Even though medical research has shown us that more than 63% of women are likely to have candida, it is STILL one of the last things people check into.
2) Women who have a hunch that they have candida, either because they have had a rash, recurring sinus infections, a yeast infection, or ear infections, and they don’t know that the antibiotics they have taken are making their condition worse.

The saddest part for me as a clinical nutritionist who works with so many women, is that ehy have been experiencing fatigue, bloating, moodiness and cravings that have really lowered their quality of life — and they’ve come to accept this as normal.

Living With Candida Can Seem Hopeless

If you haven’t yet realized that you have candida, this information may sound a bit dramatic. The sad truth is, that there so many women out there who feel like their lives have been ruined. People who suffer in silence with candida for years, often get to a place where they are diagnosed as having everything from lupus, to chronic fatigue, to Fibromyalgia, and so many others.

When these clients come to me, they are often exhausted, anxious and depressed, sensitive to many foods, serious PMS symptoms and more. Many moms with candida have given birth to children who are born with candida from passing through the birth canal or through breastfeeding. The health of these children is greatly compromised and they themselves are often diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and other behavioral disorders.

It Gets Even Worse: Candida Can Weaken Your Adrenal Glands

If you are feeling tired, and find it challenging to make it through your day without coffee and/or sugar, you could be suffering from adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal Health is directly related to both your immune system and your digestive system. If you have weak adrenals, it is often a sign that you are suffering from a Candida overgrowth. A large percentage of my candida clients are suffering not only from Candida, but from adrenal fatigue as well. Some of them had adrenal fatigue first, which weakened their immune system, paving the way for candida. Others developed adrenal fatigue as a result of their Candida.

But regardless of what came first, the chicken or the egg, the bottom line is that you MUST clear your body of the candida if you expect to have relief from adrenal fatigue.
You see, candida is a fungus that searches your body for glucose as its primary food source. The candida consumes your blood sugar, leaving your body lacking this valuable nutrient it constantly needs for energy. As a result, your body enters a stress-mode forcing your adrenal glands to work harder.

Candida Also Impairs Your Thyroid, And May Be The Reason You’ve Gained Weight

Over time, the weakening of your adrenal glands has a direct impact on the performance of your thyroid, because cortisol is required to stimulate the release of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) from the pituitary gland. This release allows the conversion of inactive thyroid hormone (T4) into its active form (T3).

With reduced adrenal and thyroid energy, you will begin to experience decreased metabolism levels. Of course, weight gain and inability to lose weight are common side effects of this trifecta of health problems: Candida, Adrenals, Thyroid.

I see so many clients with this combination of issues, that I truly believe it is epidemic among women today. Symptoms can range from mild, to so extreme that you can hardly function on a day to day basis.

What Causes Candida To Get Out Of Control?​​

There have been over 26,000 studies on Candida Albicans since the introduction of antibiotics in the late 1940’s. What is clear from the research is that the most common causes are:

~ Antibiotics
~ Stress
~ Acidic Diet
~ Chemicals like chlorine and fluoride in your drinking water
~ Birth Control Pills taken for a year or longer
~ Mercury Fillings in Your Teeth

Personal use of antibiotics is not the only source. The use of antibiotics is widespread in the meat and dairy industry. So, Candida rates are SKYROCKETING due to the ongoing consumption of these drugs that kill our healthy gut bacteria.

Candida Incidence Worldwide Is Estimated At About 63%

So why isn’t Candida overgrowth the first thing checked when you have the symptoms?

It is a challenging condition for doctors to diagnose because the symptoms are difficult to pin down. Sadly, many people go through much of their adult life without getting a proper diagnosis from their doctor.

Bloating, sugar cravings, headaches, and fatigue become ‘just a part of normal life’, joint pain is blamed on stress or aging, and depression and mood swings often pinned on the generic “hormones”.

And, if you’re anything like me or the clients I have worked with, sharing these concerns with relatives or friends often results in being told that it’s “in your head”. But as I found out, and you will too, it doesn’t have to be this way…

Do You Experience Intense Cravings For Chocolate or Sugar?

Many women,experience intense cravings for sugar or chocolate around the time of their monthly cycle. Cravings for sugar and chocolate are frequently a sign of a candida overgrowth as the candida fungus is seeking food to grow.

Your body responds to the candida by creating very powerful cravings that are almost impossible to resist. This is a contributing factor as to why many women have difficulty losing weight permanently – they just can’t seem to shake the cravings.

What is going on is that the Candida is consuming glucose (sugar) from the foods you are eating, before your body can use those sugars for energy. In turn, this can result in low blood sugar levels, also known as hypoglycemia — and cravings.

Candida Affects The Inflammatory Response In The Body And Can Destroy Immune Cells.

The longer you harbor a candida overgrowth, the more likely you are to experience other serious health issues.

Candida overgrowth has a direct and negative impact on your immune system, you are more likely to fall prey to infections, colds and flus, underperforming thyroid, and adrenal fatigue.

My Personal Ten Year Bout With Candida, Adrenal Fatigue, and Hypothyroidism

My own journey with candida began when I had Lyme disease as a senior in high school. Doctors treated me with a harsh and powerful broad spectrum antibiotic for several months. Everything seemed to be fine. Or so I thought. By the time college began, I started experiencing yeast infections. I also began to suffer PMS in the form of bloating and very powerful cravings for sugar during my PMS period. I was often fatigued, and felt tired even after a good night’s sleep.

I had no idea that I was harboring candida for what would end up to be almost a decade.
Four years of college followed by three years of law school became a 7 year experience of high stress, little sleep and lots of refined carbs. As a young attorney at a huge New York law firm, this vicious cycle got even worse. Stress, poor sleep, coffee, bagels, sugar – that was my mantra.

I was too busy to even realize that something was very wrong. I needed to drink lots of coffee just to “wake up” and get going for the day, but I excused that as being related to my hectic paced life at the time. I was bloated a lot, especially before my monthly cycle, and once again, I blamed it on my menstrual cycle. 
Getting rid of the bloat and the excess weight was almost impossible. At the time, I failed to see the connection between my increase in weight, my cravings for high sugar refined carbohydrates, and my antibiotic use.

It would be years before I made the connection and came to understand that my antibiotic use had set the stage for candida, which created almost uncontrollable cravings. My health was truly a house of cards, and one thing began to go wrong at a time. Before I knew it, I had adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism and candida all at once, which by the way, is very common.

I Had A Complete Recovery Once I Discovered A Unique Three Step Approach

I decided I had enough. 

I wasn’t willing to be a slave to prescription medications at such a young age. So, I retired from the practice of law, moved to Hawaii and began my personal quest to save my own health. Nutrition became my obsession, and I put everything I had into learning about the body, hormones, adrenal fatigue, candida, lyme disease and toxicity. In fact, this quest eventually led to my decades long venture into wellness, healing and nutrition science.
It would eventually lead to me formally studying nutrition and becoming a clinical nutritionist and ultimately, wellness educator.
After interviewing medical doctors, naturopaths and scientists, and poring over thousands of pages of research, I finally discovered a very simple, extremely effective, and relatively unknown three pillar approach to healing candida.

After so many years of feeling like I was being robbed of true vitality and vibrance, I finally had my life, energy and body back.

And The Results For My Clients Are Equally As Remarkable

“Heal Candida Now” And The Three Pillar Approach Is The Answer You Have Been Looking For

Heal Candida Now is the ONLY plant based nutrition plan for ridding the body of candida. Whether you are a meat eater or not, this plan is the MOST EFFECTIVE of its kind due to the plant based foods in the program. Plant foods heal, and candida is no exception.  Meats, dairy and other animal foods, as well as refined carbohydrates, create an acidic environment. Disease of all kinds, as well as candida and parasites, THRIVE in an acidic body.

Many programs will have you believe that just by going “zero sugar” you will heal your candida. But they overlook the elephant in the room – with an acidic body – you can heal nothing!

The Three Pillars:

  • STARVE the candida albicans from the body with a specific nutrition plan.
  • RID the body of the existing overgrowth with natural anti-fungals.
  • RE-POPULATE healthy flora in the gut with the use of specific probiotics.

Dr. Eric Wood’s Praise For Heal Candida Now

Dr. Eric Wood serves as special naturopathic medicine consult for Health Mastery Institute, and works with Liana on a variety of programs and projects.

Dr. Wood is a certified Neuro-endocrine immune specialist, and graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. He received additional training and experience via Harvard University’s Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine, the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society physician training fellowship program, and specialty cancer centers including the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (Chicago), the Issels Clinic (California) & Medicor (Canada)

Here Is What You Get In Your Instant Download Program

Plus Four More Gifts From Top Wellness Experts!

I Have Even Included A Very Important Bonus Interview With Dr. Wood

In this extremely informative interview, Liana asks Dr. Wood some of the most common questions and concerns from candida clients, including:
  • What really happens in the body after antibiotic use that makes candida almost inevitable for those of us who have taken them?
  • What role do hormones like birth control pills and HRT, or even natural progesterone creams have on developing candida?
  • What role does mercury from amalgam fillings and fish have in candida?
  • How is candida related to weight gain?
  • With millions of people suffering from candida, why is the mainstream medical community so far behind in its ability to diagnose and treat it?
  • How does pH relate to controlling candida?
  • A full explanation of the relationship between adrenal fatigue, thyroid impairment and candida.
  • With over 70% of cancer patients having a candida co-infection, what is the relationship between cancer and candida?
  • Recommended precautions to avoid candida re-occurrence in the future.

That’s over $150 in Extras! But There’s More. I Know It Can Feel Lonely Going Through a Candida Program, So I Created a Support System For You.

I know how important support is when you are going through candida recovery. It can be so helpful just to talk with other women going through the nutrition protocol just like you are. It’s also great to be able to chat and share candida friendly recipes, and hear from women who have already been where you are at. So, in order to give you even MORE SUPPORT, I created a special support community called the Candida Forum.

After you download your Heal Candida Now Program, you will receive instructions on how to ACCESS this completely PRIVATE online support community, dedicated 100% to candida recovery.

The best part? Our candida forum is designated as “secret” which means that no one on Facebook will know you are in the group, except for the other members. The forum is available to you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provides a safe place to get support.

More Good News: My Candida Recovery Program Will Help Save You Money

If you’ve ever visited a naturopath, or had any treatments not covered by your insurance, you know how expensive it can be.  Repeat visits are almost always necessary, and often, you are told you must take very expensive remedies.

Visits to a Naturopath can EASILY cost you $1,000 or more just within the first couple of months to get an effective plan. By the time I work with many of my candida clients, they have already spent in excess of $1000 in an attempt to rid their body of this life-sabotaging fungus.

The great news about the Heal Candida Now program is that it allows you to do the program at home. I share with you the products that I have personally tested and that work. The few very effective supplements I recommend are widely available and do not cost a fortune. I even include a buying guide for you that shows you some online buying resources.

Heal Candida Now is perfect for those of you who don’t have the time to do extensive research on your own, and who are looking for a simple and easy plan that you can use right away.  This Program makes it easy for you by taking out all of the guess work.  I have already done the research, used the program to recover my own body from candida overgrowth, and used it with many of my personal clients.

​Heal Candida Now provides easy to follow instructions that explain EXACTLY what you need to do to rid your body of candida. No guessing, no confusion, no frustration

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