At HMI we offer cutting edge programs in Body and Mind Health through whole foods plant based nutrition science, cellular regeneration, detoxification and cleans programs, dental health, brain optimization, anti-aging skincare, as well as comprehensive health coaching certification in plant based healing.


Plant Based Nutrition Certification Program
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66 Day Health Mastery Program

9 Modules of the Best-Selling Course to reset, renew and reinvigorate your life, health and mind.
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According to the latest research, in the United States, 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men will develop cancer in their lifetime. And a recent study published in the British Journal of Cancer found that 1 in 2 people (men and women) will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives in the UK. Someone who is diagnosed with advanced cancer has no time to lose. They must accomplish three things immediately: Stop the malignancy Shrink the tumors Remove the toxicity in the vital organs that leads to mortality. We have all been led to believe that cancer is a single disease, and that a malignant cell starts it all. This is not true. Cancer is actually two diseases. Malignancy is the second and last disease to set in. We have also believed that non-malignant tumors need not be feared. This is a HUGE mistake. This is like saying a seal pup in the ocean should not be concerned about a Great White Shark swimming quietly in the distance.
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Holistic Dental Health and Recovery Program

Take this class and learn: ~ How you can help heal already damaged teeth ~ How to avoid a diet that diminishes structural integrity of the teeth ~ How to remineralize decay ~ How to prevent cavities and gum disease in children ~ How to nutritionally heal gum disease ~ How to avoid painful dental procedures
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Intermittent Fasting

You've Probably Already Heard of Intermittent Fasting. But Do You Know Which Method of Intermittent Fasting Works Best, and How You Choose Which Method Will Burn The Most Fat For You? Intermittent fasting is a powerful approach to eating that helps you lose weight without feeling hunger, and at the same time help reduce your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. If done correctly, intermittent fasting can also lead to better sleep and tons of energy. Extensive research overwhelmingly supports the idea that ditching “three meals a day” in favor of intermittent fasting does wonders for your health. This type of scheduled eating was practiced by our ancestors, since they did not have the frequent access to food that we have now. 
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Holistic Skincare Secrets Class

Welcome to The Science of Glowing Skin. HOLISTIC SKINCARE SECRETS CLASS Did you ever wonder why women are told to brace themselves as they age, and to "get ready for your looks to go downhill and your skin to head south?" Meanwhile cosmetic companies make billions of dollars off of the fears women have of aging skin, with new “miracle” products launched every year, products which mostly wind up half empty and shoved to the back of the cabinet. Beneath all the marketing hype there has been an authentic leap forward in our understanding of what causes skin to age, and it centers on inflammation. This is good news! It means your skin really can look better than ever — no matter how old you are — once you recognize that what happens on the inside truly does show up on the outside, and what you use on the outside either helps, or dramatically harms, the aging process of your skin. That’s because the aging you see in your skin is biological, not chronological, and can be delayed or even reversed with a holistic, natural approach that includes optimal diet, lifestyle and product choices. HMI's Holistic Skincare Secrets class offers you real advice, clear guidance, and a natural holistic path to reversing the signs of aging, as well clearing up a multitude of other skin issues. 
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Scientists Have Discovered That The Rate at Which You Produce Brain Cells is the Single Most Important Factor in Your Quality of Life. Up until recently, scientists believed that your brain cells stopped growing in your 20's and that mental decline was a natural part of aging. People have been led to believe that memory, challenges with cognitive ability, anxiety and depression, low sex drive and health problems were going to happen to everyone as we age. The great news is, they were wrong. Scientists now know for a fact, that with the right knowledge, your brain cells can continue to grow, year after year into your thirties, forties, fifties and beyond! And in fact, researchers are finding that the single most important factor in determining your quality of life is HOW FAST YOUR BRAIN CREATES NEW CELLS! If you haven't been paying attention to neuro-optimization for the last few years, it is likely that your brain has stopped making new cells at a fast pace - which is exactly what happens to most people. Once this happens, you are more likely to: BE DEPRESSED HAVE LOW IMMUNITY HAVE SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEMS LACK MOTIVATION LACK FOCUS EXPERIENCE ANXIETY So in other words, when your new cells are not generating quickly, life is difficult. There is only one way to prevent this from happening, which is to activate the process known as NEUROGENESIS in the brain. And you can do this at any time, even if you've been ignoring your brain for years. UNLEASH YOUR BRAIN'S POTENTIAL WITH THIS PROGRAM When you do the right things to hep your brain increase its rate of neurogenesis, you see the opposite: Enhanced cognitive abilities Emotional resilience Minimal anxiety Less stress and depression Significantly improved immunity You thrive. Life is Amazing. JOIN US!
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HMI ELECTIVE - Autoimmune Healing

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